Wednesday, August 21
Orange County Fair Grounds
Costa Mesa, California

In preparation for MMW, Dennis Cooper , of MOALA, has parked a car (1 of the 7 he is bringing) in the lobby of the Atrium Hotel. It's #500 of the last 500 Mini Sport Specials built by the Factory. It was on display at the Peterson Museum in L.A. before Dennis talked them out of it to add to his private stash.


The registrar has all well in hand and it looks like the place will be rocking in less than 24 hours. The attendance rolled past 100 cars before the last planning meeting. And if you didn't send in a photo of your car, don't worry. We'll make sure your car photo shows up on your badge before the Banquet.

The weather report is partially cloudy in the AM with temps in the low 80s.The Hotel staff are all trying to get a ride in the Autocross, which is being set up Wednesday night. MOALA Pres. Chris Travers just married his daughter off last week at the Atrium and said the food and service were first rate!!

David Haight


Meet sponsored by:
Mini Owners of America - Los Angeles